Product Websites

A product managed internet presence from Blue Monkey allows you to bring your entire catalogue online.

Blue Monkey's Manchester-based web development team utilises a simple and straightforward system for uploading your complete product database. With each product's characteristics individually highlighted, we can create dynamic and highly-flexible site-wide search function that brings your product range to the fore.

Promote your Products to the whole world on-line

While product based websites don't carry the 'buy online' utility of a full-on e-Commerce website solution, they still supply an effective way to trumpet your company's products or services.

A direct call as the result of being fully informed by a well pulled together product based website, will have a good chance of generating sales.

We build our product-based websites with the search engines firmly in mind - and with all that content, your website will grow in authority.

Advertising & Design

Brand development, creative design and advertising.

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Digital & Web

All things web design, SMS mobile, E-commerce, E-mail, social media & apps.

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It helps to have one... 'what's your plan Stan?'

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South Africa

Help from the Southern Hemisphere

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Sales Promotion

A little help with shifting units to your target audience

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TV Ad's & Showreels

Impactful sales message for use on TV, smart phones, iPads and websites.

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