Announcing Blue Monkey Marketing... UK iPhone & Android Application Developers!

Picture the scene, you have the Monkey website and you're making fortunes with your Monkey e-marketing, so now you need to dip the clutch and change into 5th gear!

Blue Monkey Marketing is a specialist in the design and development of innovative smartphone applications. Our ethos is to enable anyone, from individual to company business, to have their own professional App. Our team of UK based application pros take care of all stages of the project from concept, design, creation and account management. We will also market your App on the internet to ensure your product gets off to the absolute best start.

If you're trying to find a custom iPhone or Android Application, that is exactly what we specialise in. Our developers are professionals in making state of the art Applications which will give your business a big advantage in this exciting new digital arena.

There are no limits, your App can be designed for all telephone manufacturers and platforms including, Apple iPhone, Nokia, Google Android and Blackberry.

Why not get a free quote today - We look forward to hearing from you!

The Blue Monkey appsters.

Advertising & Design

Brand development, creative design and advertising.

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Digital & Web

All things web design, SMS mobile, E-commerce, E-mail, social media & apps.

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It helps to have one... 'what's your plan Stan?'

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South Africa

Help from the Southern Hemisphere

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Sales Promotion

A little help with shifting units to your target audience

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TV Ad's & Showreels

Impactful sales message for use on TV, smart phones, iPads and websites.

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