e-mail Shots

We all use e-mail, yet the bulk of commercial e-mails we get amount to nothing less than poorly-written mumbo-jumbo.

Whilst we love the concept of using email to keep in contact with our base of customers, we hate how poorly it's frequently implemented. At Blue Monkey we have a depth of experience in creating email promotional programs, using highly-tuned code and trusted white servers.

E-mail broadcasts are famously tough to code - they need to be given the very best chance of getting through the filters. Our e-mail campaigns receive the same unbeatable level of design as our websites, providing the maximum possible 'wow' factor when they arrive in your customers' inboxes!

Advertising & Design

Brand development, creative design and advertising.

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Digital & Web

All things web design, SMS mobile, E-commerce, E-mail, social media & apps.

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It helps to have one... 'what's your plan Stan?'

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South Africa

Help from the Southern Hemisphere

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Sales Promotion

A little help with shifting units to your target audience

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TV Ad's & Showreels

Impactful sales message for use on TV, smart phones, iPads and websites.

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