Content Management System Websites

When keeping your website up-to-date is an absolute must - a business imperative, then a CMS website from Blue Monkey is the answer.

Blue Monkey's content managed internet sites - "that'll do nicely" is the cry from our Manchester based clients. 'Content Managed' means placing the control of your website's content in your hands. Through Blue Monkey's intuitive, highly-flexible online system, you are given full control of your site's content, from textual changes and image uploads through to creating and removing whole web pages from the system.

Content managed web sites can be as straightforward as a tiny brochure site, or they can be a bespoke solution.

Website design Manchester

Blue Monkey employs the most recent, most widely-supported web technologies in its web design. By utilising xHTML and CSS, we provide in-built future proofing, and with our conformity to industry web standards, we ensure that your site will work across all relevant internet browsers.

CMS by Blue Monkey - a must!

Our CMS systems are designed to be user friendly - any member of your team will be able to make the changes you need. Basic computer skills are the maximum requirement.

Advertising & Design

Brand development, creative design and advertising.

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Digital & Web

All things web design, SMS mobile, E-commerce, E-mail, social media & apps.

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It helps to have one... 'what's your plan Stan?'

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South Africa

Help from the Southern Hemisphere

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Sales Promotion

A little help with shifting units to your target audience

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TV Ad's & Showreels

Impactful sales message for use on TV, smart phones, iPads and websites.

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