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About Blue Monkey Marketing

Blue Monkey was born in 1973 and spent all his time playing with his mates until 1989.

In the winter of 1989 Monkey's mum told him he had to go out to work. Now, being a good little monkey, he got himself a job in media and after dipping a hairy toe into many areas, that he decided marketing, promotions and design was the job for him. After 15 years working for major brands on both sides of the client and agency fence, he decided to set up his own banana stall.

So in Spring 2003, he got together with some of the more professional, down to earth, like-minded monkeys he'd met along the way and Blue Monkey Marketing was born.

Blue Monkey Marketing offers extremely effective marketing solutions and advice across all industry sectors with emphasis on great customer service and return on investment.

For your free design concept or a informal chat, call 07800 664 713 or email: lee.herbert@bluemonkeymarketing.com

Advertising & Design

Brand development, creative design and advertising.

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Digital & Web

All things web design, SMS mobile, E-commerce, E-mail, social media & apps.

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It helps to have one... 'what's your plan Stan?'

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South Africa

Help from the Southern Hemisphere

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Sales Promotion

A little help with shifting units to your target audience

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TV Ad's & Showreels

Impactful sales message for use on TV, smart phones, iPads and websites.

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